A weekend off

because 12 days off in a row wasn't enough

Hi friends,

There’s no newsletter today. I am taking a weekend off to

  • finish re-watching One Tree Hill with Pete (it took us nearly two years), I still sob at every other episode, ten years on

  • catch up on reading (Potluck Zine issue 3, An Omelette and a Glass of Wine, Tiny Moons: A Year of Eating in Shanghai and loads more)

  • reading Tiny Moons made me hungry for every single dish from the book, so I am exploring my Chinese cookbooks (which I don’t have many of), please send trusted recommendations

  • cook my first ever duck breasts

  • laugh until I cry at this Masterchef video

  • bake Hazelnut Crumble Cake with Nutella Ganache from Ottolenghi and Helen Goh

  • make Rosie’s Wild Garlic Scones

  • listen to DMX, RIP

  • give Frank extra cheek rubs

  • visit my allotment and repot some house plants

  • plan the week ahead and mentally prepare for my first FIVE DAY WEEK in a VERY long time *crying*

See you next week for a Coconut issue with some stunning illustrations from my friend Katya. I’ll be cooking my way through Solo by Anita Lo and reporting on my adventures a week later. If you have an ingredient you’d like to see covered in the upcoming weeks, let me know here or on Instagram.

Hope you have a relaxing Sunday and an easy week ahead. Don’t forget to wear your masks and wash your hands when/if you’re visiting shops, gym and pub gardens next week!

Anya xx